About Onterio D. Cross

Since I was a kid my only wish was to illuminate. When one illuminates they don’t just shine for others to see. They don’t just glow and be a marvel for people who have not yet been illuminated. Though these are things I’d seek to obtain with my light, my main purpose was to provide warmth.

Give back, give direction, give comfort, help the masses understand that a simple glow can illuminate for miles. Show them that through me darkness won’t prevail. My name is Onterio Cross. I am a man but even more special I am a black man. I am a black man that knows his purpose. I didn’t figure this purpose out overnight but as I write this I write with a peaceful mind and a joy filled heart knowing that I know who I am.

Who am I? I am an uncle, a brother, a cousin, a son, a friend, a lover, and most importantly a King. I am 25 years of age. I wrote and published my first book at the age of 22.

- Onterio D. Cross

I am a man but even more special I am a black man.

I served 6 years in the military only to find that there is peace in chaos. I beat the odds and graduated from Middle Tennessee State University when, statistically speaking, I was suppose to have been imprisoned.

I went on a one year hiatus and traveled the country as a trucker only to find that there is beauty in solitude but there is grace in company. I took up a job taking care of people with intellectual disabilities only to find that they are truly Gods gift rather than societies burden. I thank God every day that my path changed. I thank him for my sanity. I will not tell you where I’m from and how I was raised. Through my writings you will find out everything that you need to know about me. If you are reading this thank you.